Your Digital Advertising Hub
Cross-channel reporting platform for search and social advertising. Monitor all your clients' digital advertising KPIs in one place.

Everything you need to manage your clients' PPC campaigns.
Budget Pacing
Never overspend. Easily gauge how your clients are pacing with UpHex's budget tracking tools.
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KPI Tracking
Measure results. Accurately track KPIs from all your ad networks in one place.
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Internal Reporting
Measure results. Accurately track PPC metrics & KPIs from all your ad networks in one place. Impress your clients. Track KPI goals and share campaign results without any manual data entry.
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All your cost and conversion metrics in one place. 100% accurate. Refreshed daily.

Designed For Agencies
Unique features to make your agency more productive.
Accurate & Reliable Data
Data trust issues? We hear you. That's why we make sure your clients' metrics are 100% accurate and refreshed daily.
Agency Snapshot
See how your entire agency is performing. Track aggregate ad spend, stay informed with alerts, and monitor all your clients in one place.
Cross-Channel Reporting
Compare ad performance across channels. We automatically match cost and conversion data so you can compare performance across ad engines.
Forward-Looking KPIs
See where you're heading. Our projections help you forecast ad spend and KPIs so you can make adjustments in real-time.

Top 3 Reasons To Choose UpHex
Save Time
Ditch your old tools. UpHex automatically refreshes your clients' metrics daily. So you get 100% accurate data with zero data entry.
Gain Insight
Impress your clients. UpHex helps you find opportunities to improve performance and identify problems before your clients notice.
Increase Productivity
Get more done in less time. UpHex automates your manual tasks so you can focus on more important things - like helping your clients.