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Reporting and budget pacing tools for marketers using AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter.
Save Time
No more data entry. Automate your reporting process with UpHex.
Gain Insight
Discover opportunities and identify problems before your clients do.
Impress Your Clients
Show off your results with UpHex's simple & professional dashboards.

Designed For Marketing Agencies...
Snapshot Of Your Agency
Get an overview of your entire agency. Track aggregate ad spend and monitor all your clients from your Agency Overview page.
Easy Navigation
Click on a client to view their individual dashboard. Easily switch between clients to improve your workflow and get tasks done faster.
Information You Need
Whether it's a high-level overview or a deep dive into data, UpHex provides the information you need to analyze your clients' results.
...And Your Ecommerce Clients
Beautiful Dashboards
Pre-built, tile-based dashboards make it easy to see how your clients' campaigns are performing. No configuration required!
Consolidated Metrics
See how all your ad campaigns are performing. Plus, compare metrics across Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads all in one place.
White Labeled For Your Clients
We remove all UpHex branding when you share dashboards with your clients. Look professional with no extra effort (and no additional cost!).

Supported Ad Networks
All your metrics in one place. 100% accurate. Refreshed daily.

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