Meet Your Virtual Marketing Assistant
UpHex is AI-powered monitoring software for online advertisers. We help minimize wasted ad spend and maximize your advertising ROI.
What Is A Virtual Marketing Assistant?
UpHex monitors your advertising metrics so you can focus on more important work.
Automatic Updates
We automatically refresh your advertising metrics every hour.
24/7 Monitoring
We keep track of your campaign results, even when you're sleeping.
Timely Alerts
We alert you immediately when something needs your attention.
How It Works
Connect Your Ad Accounts
Connect your Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts through a secure OAuth 2.0 authentication.
Tell Us What To Monitor
Let us know what metrics and goals matter the most to you.
Sit Back & Relax
We'll monitor all your connected ad accounts and alert you when something needs your attention.
Alert me when |

All your ad metrics in one place. 100% accurate. Updated every hour.
Facebook Ads
Google Ads

More Than Monitoring
UpHex is more than a monitoring service. We offer a robust, automated reporting dashboard you can access any time.
Budget Pacing
Track ad spend vs. budget on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Hit your budgets with confidence and never again worry about over spending or under spending.
Real-Time Reporting
See hour-by-hour activity for all your ad campaigns. Monitor ad performance throughout the day and make adjustments in real-time.
Metrics Dashboard
Visualize results with beautiful reporting dashboards. Share dashboards with coworkers or clients to increase transparency and communication.

All Inclusive Pricing
24/7 monitoring + real-time reporting
Savings Calculator
UpHex saves you thousands of dollars per month compared to a full-time assistant.
($15/hr x 160 hrs/mo) = $2,400
Monthly Savings
Request Early Access
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