Modern Reporting For Digital Marketers
Discover | way to monitor digital ad campaigns.
Never miss an opportunity
Optimize ad spend. See what's working and makes changes on the fly.
Fix problems immediately
Stop wasting ad dollars. Identify issues and take action immediately.
Impress your clients
Gain your clients' trust and make them love you even more.

How It Works
Connect Your Data
Connect your manager accounts for Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Twitter Ads. We keep data safe with industry-leading security protocols!
Organize Your Clients
Enter your clients' contact information, assign account managers, and set budgets and goals. Initial setup takes less than 10 minutes!
Start Monitoring
Gain immediate insight with UpHex's forward-looking dashboard. Or, set up alerts to get notified when important events occur.

All your ad metrics in one place. 100% accurate and always up-to-date.
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