Mission Control For Marketers

Proactive Reporting Platform For Agencies
What Is UpHex?
A new, better way to track PPC performance. Most agency reporting tools only report historical performance. UpHex helps you plan for the future.
Budget Pacing
Keep campaign spending on track and within budget.
Goal Tracking
Make sure you're on target for all your client goals.
Client Reporting
Beautiful, up-to-date reports without lifting a finger.
How Does UpHex Work?
Beautiful reports and brilliant insights in three easy steps.
Connect Your Data
Add your manager accounts for Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Twitter Ads, and Google Analytics.
Organize Your Clients
Keep your agency organized - assign client managers, set budgets, define goals, and save contact info.
Monitor Your Campaigns
Always up-to-date & easy to use dashboard. Share results with your team and your clients.
Why Use UpHex?
Discover a better, faster way to manage your clients and their digital advertising campaigns.
Save Time
Ditch your spreadsheets. UpHex updates your clients' metrics daily, which means you'll have the most up-to-date data without any data entry.
Gain Insight
Impress your clients. UpHex helps you find opportunities to improve performance and identify problems before your clients notice.
Increase Productivity
Get more done in less time. UpHex automates your manual tasks so you can focus on more important things - like helping your clients.
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