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$ 97

Per Month
  • Up to 3 Active Clients
  • All UpHex Tools & Features + Future Updates
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$ 297

Per Month
  • Up to 10 Active Clients
  • All UpHex Tools & Features + Future Updates
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UnlimitedScale Without Limits

$ 497

Per Month
  • Unlimited active clients
  • All UpHex Tools & Features + Future Updates
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Pricing scales automatically based on your active client count. This means you’re never paying for more than you need.

Key Features

  • Ad Blueprints: Turn your best campaigns into reusable, customizable templates.
  • AdScope: Effortlessly track and analyze client ad performance.
  • Snap Campaigns: Launch campaigns in minutes with proven templates.
  • Uppie AI: Optimize campaigns with AI-powered insights.
  • Go HighLevel Plugin: Seamless integration for streamlined workflows.
  • Free Ad Library: Access thousands of high-converting ads.
  • Client Management: Effortless onboarding and account oversight.
  • All Major Ad Platforms: Manage Facebook, Google, Instagram, and more.
  • …And More! We’re always adding new features.

Why UpHex Pricing is Different

  • Predictable Pricing for Confident Growth: No surprises! Your costs adjust seamlessly to your client volume, supporting your agency’s scaling journey.
  • All-Inclusive Value: Every plan unlocks UpHex’s complete suite of powerful tools.
  • Focus on Value, Not Spend: No hidden fees based on ad spend. Maximize your profit and concentrate on delivering results for your clients.

Frequently asked questions

Will my clients know I'm using UpHex?

No, your clients will not know you are using UpHex to manage their accounts.

How do clients connect to UpHex?

Your clients can connect their Facebook accounts using our white labeled plugin you add to your HighLevel account. If you have your client in your Facebook Business Manager we can also add them to UpHex in our admin dashboard.

How many campaigns / accounts can I run?

As many as you and your clients want! There is no limit to the number of campaigns or the number Facebook ad accounts you can have connected to UpHex!

What platforms can I market on?

Your ads will run on Facebook, Instagram & Audience Network. This includes the Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed, Instagram and Facebook Stories, Facebook Search Results, Facebook Instant Articles and the Audience Network native, banner and interstitial.

Who own's the templates?

Templates you create in the UpHex platform are yours. You can also share templates with other UpHex users if you want to.

Does it cost anything extra to add team members?

No it does not cost anything extra. Just shoot support a message and we can get as many team members you need added to your account.

What is the fastest way to learn how to use UpHex

Our support library has the most complete instructions on how to use UpHex and is being updated as we add new features. You can also schedule a one on one support call at any time.