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Features to make your agency more efficient and more effective
Budget Pacing
Hit your budgets every month. Easily track ad spend relative to budget for every one of your clients.
Forward-Looking Projections
See where you're heading. Our projections help you forecast ad spend and KPIs so you can make adjustments in real-time.
Multi-Channel Reporting
Compare performance across ad networks. See results from Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads all in one place.
Breakdowns By Ad Network
Track results from each ad network. See which platforms are performing best and how it compares to last month.
Easy Dashboard Sharing
Share dashboards with your clients. It's as simple as sharing a link - no login required! Plus, shared dashboards are white labeled.
Customizable Dashboards
Show only the metrics that matter. Easily customize your client dashboards without having to build each one from scratch.
Mobile Friendly
Access dashboards on any device. We optimize for mobile devices so your clients can view their performance from anywhere.

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