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Maximize Profits, Minimize Effort

Elevate Agency Operations with UpHex

What Leading Agencies Are Saying

“I have been using UpHex for my FB Marketing business for 2 years. The software is so user friendly, is so much easier to use than the FB interface, and makes the ability to scale my business a reality. Thank you UpHex!!”

Heather Kelley

“Having the ability to help my clients easily launch their own ads with our pre-built templates (using Uphex), has been a game changer for my business. It allows our team to work less, empowers clients to take ownership of their marketing (giving just enough control but making it easy), and helps them save money. The Uphex team is also very helpful and always adding new features to the platform to make it even better. I highly recommend UpHex.”

Sara Underwood

“If you are doing Facebook/Instagram media buying at scale you are going to love Uphex. The full integration with GHL has been a game changer for me and all my friends in the space. Sam and his team are fantastic and have not only created a great product that makes running ads at scale a breeze he has built an amazing support group and constantly pouring information to help us. So in closing if you are running any kind of Facebook/Instagram ads for clients you better get Uphex because all your competitors are switching.”

Nick Sakkis

“I recently trained my 5 year old to set up FB ads, no joke. It literally takes 3 clicks to launch an awesome ad. I used to be so confused by the FB ad interface, and I was only trying to boost an ad for a toddler toy I was trying to sell on FB marketplace. UpHex makes it so simple to use now. I was able to pitch a company a few months ago on FB ad lead generation (which I had never done before), and got the ad launched in seconds. I joined the super helpful FB group to get feedback after the first few days of the campaign, made a few minor updates, and in a few weeks they had 183 conversions -- insane. The snapshot that UpHex provides for the automated follow up sequence after the lead comes in, works great as well. The company was blown away and I had never done this before (I work another full-time job at the moment, so this is a side hustle). Btw, they are paying me $997 a month to me for this FB ad system, not bad at all. Trust me, you can definitely get great results with this software, and land some clients like I have.”

Kevin Patrick

“Uphex has been nothing short of amazing!! This tool is the perfect add-on to HighLevel and will take your SaaS business to the next level (and help you differentiate yourself from everyone else out there). The tool is very straightforward to use for an agency owner as well as your clients. Creating Facebook ads has never been easier and it helps save HOURS of time on fulfillment and connecting to a clients fb ads manager which is key for us!”

Jason Wardrop

“Sam and the team at Uphex provide genuinely first-class value, and that's before you even get to the community and the product itself.

If you are looking for a top-tier, best-in-class solution for your ads look no further.”

Stephen Howe

“Working with Uphex has made our client experience so much better for all of our clients. To allow our clients to have a library of ads to chose from, empowers them to understand they have control over how to run ads. I recommend Uphex to everyone I know.”

Peter Keiner

“I have been using Uphex for almost a year. Sam and the crew there have a great business model. They give everything you need to build a successful business away for free.”

Steven Stahl

“Uphex has been a game changer for us. It has made client fulfillment that much easier and helped make our clients that use the software themselves more successful.”

Derek Justin

“ is a company with an excellent marketing formula and exceptional customer service. Their platform is incredibly user friendly and their team is very responsive. You can tell they have a great company culture and they are on a mission to make sure every single user succeeds by creating content about how to use and sell their software. It's incredibly refreshing to see a company with such a unique product and a deep commitment to serving their users, creating effective communication channels to better understand their needs.”

Alex Lopez

“In a VERY crowded market for so-called "Guru's" Sam Carlson and his team stand out. They stand out because they're super pros at what they do (Facebook Ads), they stand out because they're honest (see Guru's..) and they stand out because they care about their clients...And oh,BTW, their system works.”

Dojo Nation

“This is by far not only a phenomenal and inexpensive idea. But the owners of this company are dedicated to helping anyone that joins thier team succeed.”

Roy Simon