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Offer Creation 101: Lessons Learned from a Marketing Agency’s Mistakes and Successes”

By June 19th, 2023No Comments
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As someone who has experience in the world of marketing and client management, I understand the importance of having a clear and specific offer for your clients. In a recent conversation with another marketer, we discussed the importance of deliverables and how to avoid making guarantees that could ultimately lead to disappointment for both parties involved.

The other marketer shared that they had lost two clients because they couldn’t deliver the promised results and had to pay for media wires and other expenses. This is a common issue in the industry and can be avoided by having a clear and specific offer. Instead of just saying, “I’ll do Facebook and Google ads for you,” you need to outline exactly what you’re offering and what the deliverables are.

One important lesson from this conversation is to never tie money to a result. You cannot guarantee results in marketing, and it’s a big risk to offer a money-back guarantee based on performance. Instead, you should focus on specific deliverables that you know you can deliver. It’s important to set proper expectations with your clients and have an open conversation about what you can realistically deliver.

Another key takeaway from the conversation is the importance of offering something that’s so ridiculous that people would feel stupid saying no. This is a concept from the book, “100 Million Dollar Offers” by Alex Hermozi. This book is a must-read for anyone struggling with their offer or unsure of what to offer. The author suggests starting with an offer that is almost too good to be true and then stripping down the offer to the most important and deliverable parts.

When discussing a specific niche, like solar in this case, it’s important to do your research and figure out what the average cost per lead is. This can vary depending on the location and platform you’re using. It’s also important to give yourself a buffer and assume a slightly higher cost per lead to ensure you can deliver on your promises.

Ultimately, the key to success in marketing and client management is having a clear and specific offer with deliverables that you can realistically achieve. It’s important to avoid making guarantees that could lead to disappointment and instead have an open and honest conversation with your clients about what you can deliver. By following these principles and constantly refining your offer, you can build a successful agency that delivers results for your clients.