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Revolutionizing Advertising: How Adam Lucky is Transforming His Agency with UpHex

By February 2nd, 2023No Comments
Success Stories

Unlocking Success: How Adam Lucky Built a Digital Marketing Agency with UpHex

Adam Lucky, the owner of Lucky Ads, has been making waves in the digital marketing space with his unique approach to running his advertising agency. In this interview, we delve into his journey as an agency owner, the transition from running a gym to an advertising agency, and how he's been able to run his business on the go while traveling with his family in an RV.

Adam started Lucky Ads in 2019 and has seen the agency grow and evolve over time. He started by helping gym owners run ads, but eventually transitioned to focusing solely on the gym niche. He has tried different advertising platforms, including Paper Show, but found that running ads was becoming more and more of a commodity.

It was through a late-night YouTube session that Adam discovered UpHex. He stumbled upon an interview with Chase, which introduced him to the platform, and he was immediately drawn to its simplicity and ease of use. He quickly adopted UpHex as the platform of choice for his agency, and over the course of three months, he was able to bring on 20 new clients at a $497 price point.

UpHex Empowers Agency Owner Adam to Balance Business Success and Adventure Lifestyle

With UpHex, Adam is able to manage his clients’ advertising and lead generation with ease. He recognizes that every niche is nuanced and that success depends on knowing where to start the sales journey and how to address future issues. With UpHex, Adam can offer his clients a SaaS-like experience, which results in happier clients and less energy required to fulfill the service.

Before adopting UpHex, Adam’s workload was higher and he spent more time running his agency. But now, with UpHex, the workload is lighter and clients are happy with the results they’re getting. He’s also testing the use of level nine for chat follow-up, and his favorite part of UpHex is that it enables him to run his business while also having a lifestyle that allows him to hit the road and spend time with his family.

UpHex Gives Agency Owner Adam Lucky the Freedom to Pursue His Passion for Adventure and a Successful Business

Adam believes that time is the most valuable thing in his life, and UpHex has allowed him to have the best of both worlds: a successful business and the freedom to travel and be present with his family. In conclusion, UpHex has given Adam the flexibility and ease to run his agency from anywhere, and we wish him and his family all the best in their future endeavors.