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The Art of Scaling Your Agency: Crafting Offers and Tactics that Convert

By September 7th, 2023No Comments


The lead generation game is a tough one. You can have the best ads, the most optimized funnels, and even a great product or service to sell, but if your leads aren’t showing up for appointments, all your efforts are in vain. This is a problem that has plagued agencies for years, and it’s a problem that isn’t going away anytime soon. However, there is a solution, one that took years to discover but can be implemented in a matter of weeks. This article delves into the importance of trust in the lead generation process and how a simple change in approach can drastically improve your show rates.

The Problem: Low Show Rates

Low show rates are a persistent issue in the lead generation industry. Despite the best efforts to write compelling ads and create engaging content, agencies often find that their leads are not converting into appointments, or worse, not showing up for scheduled meetings. This can be incredibly frustrating and demoralizing, especially when you’ve invested time, effort, and resources into generating those leads.

A Real-Life Case Study: Dr. Ray Peevy

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Dr. Ray Peevy approached a lead generation agency for help. His practice had been severely affected, with revenues and collections cut in half. Desperate for a solution, he signed up with the agency, hoping to turn his fortunes around.

For the first six weeks, the results were disappointing. Despite generating leads and booking appointments, the show rate was abysmal. Dr. Peevy was on the verge of giving up when a simple incident changed everything.

The Turning Point: A Change in Approach

One day, Dr. Peevy overheard his receptionist on the phone with a potential lead. On a whim, he decided to take over the call. Instead of following the usual script of booking an appointment, he engaged the lead in a genuine conversation. He asked about their symptoms, showed empathy, and essentially talked to them like a doctor would.

The result? The lead showed up for their appointment the next day and even signed up for a $4,500 care plan. This was a revelation for Dr. Peevy and his team. They realized that the missing element in their lead generation process was trust.

The Solution: Building Trust

Dr. Peevy and his team decided to implement a prequalification call as part of their lead generation process. The aim was to build trust with potential leads before scheduling an appointment. This simple change had a profound impact. Within two and a half months, Dr. Peevy was able to double his practice.

The Importance of Trust in Lead Generation

Trust is a crucial element in any business transaction. In the lead generation process, it serves as a prerequisite for conversion. While automation can handle many aspects of lead generation, it cannot build trust. That requires a human touch.

Whether you employ a team of telemarketers who understand your target audience or train your clients on how to engage with leads effectively, the key is to build trust. People buy from those they know, like, and trust. Therefore, it’s essential not to treat lead generation like a vending machine where you put in money and expect immediate results. Instead, treat your leads like people you genuinely want to help.


Improving show rates in a lead generation agency is not about writing better ads or optimizing funnels; it’s about building trust with your leads. By implementing a prequalification call and engaging with leads on a personal level, you can significantly improve your show rates and, ultimately, your conversions. So, if you’re struggling with low show rates, remember that you can’t automate trust. Treat your leads like people, and the results will follow.