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The Art of Unlocking Value in Sales: A Deep Dive into the Chiropractic Niche

By June 16th, 2023No Comments


In the world of sales and marketing, there is a saying: “a tactic known is a tactic blown.” This concept emphasizes the importance of understanding your target market, their needs, and the value that your product or service offers. This blog post will explore the application of this idea in the chiropractic industry, but the principles discussed can be applied across various industries. We will also delve into the importance of asking the right questions and staying in control of the conversation to ensure success in closing deals.

The Commodity Trap

Every business, chiropractic included, has a part that people know (the commodity) and a part that people don’t know (the specialty). The part people know is typically associated with pricing, and in the case of chiropractic services, it refers to the cost of the first visit and subsequent follow-ups.

The problem with focusing on the commodity aspect is that it leaves little room for differentiation among competitors. When a tactic is known, the only lever a marketer can pull is price. This means that the only way to stand out is by offering discounts or special offers, which can be limiting and ultimately undermine the perceived value of the service.

Specialties: The Key to Unlocking Value

To break free from the commodity trap, businesses should instead focus on the specialty parts of their service. Specialties allow for differentiation, as they address specific problems and solutions that are not commonly known by the public.

For example, in the chiropractic industry, spinal decompression treatment packages are considered specialty services. The public generally doesn’t know the cost of such services, which allows practitioners to set their own prices and convey the value of their expertise.

The Power of Questions

When approaching a prospect, it’s crucial to be the one asking the questions. The person asking the questions is in control of the direction of the conversation. By having a script or a set of questions prepared, you can guide the conversation, gather valuable information about the prospect, and establish your authority.

In the chiropractic niche, this might involve asking about the leading cause of the prospect’s pain or their specific concerns. By gathering this information, you can tailor your sales pitch to address their unique needs and demonstrate the value of your specialty services.

Rebuttals and Maintaining Control

It’s also essential to have rebuttals prepared for any objections or questions prospects might raise during the conversation. When a prospect asks about the cost of follow-up visits, for example, you can respond by emphasizing that it’s case-by-case and depends on the extent of their problem.

After addressing their concern, immediately follow up with another question to regain control of the conversation. This approach will help ensure that the prospect remains engaged and focused on the value of your services, rather than fixating on the cost.


The key to unlocking value in sales, whether in the chiropractic marketing niche or any other industry, lies in focusing on the specialty aspects of your services and maintaining control of the conversation. By understanding the unique problems your prospects face and positioning your offerings as the solution, you can avoid the commodity trap and consistently demonstrate the value of your services. Remember, a tactic known is a tactic blown; success in sales depends on your ability to differentiate yourself and the value you provide.