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Maximizing Efficiency in Real Estate Campaigns with Customized Templates in UpHex

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  1. Customizing Real Estate Ad Campaigns with Templates and Custom Values
  2. Using Templates in Real Estate Advertising
  3. Customizing Templates with Custom Values
  4. Editing Campaigns with UpHex
  5. Conclusion
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Customizing Real Estate Ad Campaigns with Templates and Custom Values

Launching a real estate ad campaign can be a daunting task, especially when there are strict regulations and restrictions on advertising in this industry. However, with the right tools and strategies, it is possible to create effective and compliant real estate ads that attract the right audience and generate leads. In this blog post, we will explore how to use templates and custom values to create real estate ad campaigns that are both customizable and templatized.

Using Templates in Real Estate Advertising

Templates are pre-designed ad formats that can be customized with your own content and images. They are a great way to save time and effort when creating ad campaigns, especially if you have multiple clients or properties to promote. With templates, you can quickly create a professional-looking ad that follows best practices and adheres to Facebook’s advertising policies.

UpHex, a marketing automation tool developed by Go High Level, offers a range of real estate templates that can be customized with your own content and images. These templates are designed specifically for real estate ads, and they take into account the restrictions and regulations that apply to this industry. By using a real estate template, you can ensure that your ad complies with Facebook’s policies and guidelines, and you can avoid common mistakes that can lead to ad disapproval or account suspension.

Customizing Templates with Custom Values

While templates provide a great starting point for your real estate ad campaigns, they can also be customized to reflect your brand and your properties. This is where custom values come in. Custom values are variables that can be added to a template to allow for specific information to be added or changed. For example, if you have a template for a luxury beach home, you can use custom values to include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other key features that are unique to the property.

To use custom values in a template, you simply need to add them in the format of two brackets, followed by a name, and then closed brackets. For example, if you want to include the number of bedrooms in your ad copy, you would add {{number_of_bedrooms}} to the template. When the client launches the campaign, they will be prompted to fill in the custom values, which will be inserted into the ad copy automatically.

Custom values are a great way to make your real estate ad campaigns more personalized and targeted, without sacrificing the templatized format. By using custom values, you can create a range of ads that all follow the same format and style, but are tailored to each individual property or client.

Editing Campaigns with UpHex

One common concern with using templates is the ability to make changes to the campaigns once they are launched. With UpHex, you can edit campaigns, but it works differently than it does in Facebook Ads Manager. When you make changes to a campaign in UpHex, you will need to turn off the old campaign and launch a new one with the updated template.

This may seem like a hassle, but it is actually a good practice because it allows Facebook to reset the learning on the ad. When you make significant changes to an ad, such as changing the budget or the ad copy, Facebook will treat it as a new ad and start the learning process from scratch. This can actually be beneficial for your ad’s performance, as it gives Facebook a fresh start to optimize the ad.

However, UpHex is also working on features that will allow for easier editing of campaigns, including a bulk updater and a direct edit function for the ad itself. These features will make it easier to make changes to campaigns without having to launch a new one every time.


Creating real estate ad campaigns can be a challenge, but with the right tools and strategies, it can also be a rewarding experience. By using templates and custom values in UpHex, you can create ads that are tailored to each property while also adhering to Facebook’s advertising policies. Furthermore, UpHex makes it easy to edit campaigns and make sure your ads are always up-to-date and optimized for the best performance. With these tools at your disposal, you can create effective real estate ad campaigns that will help you get the most out of your advertising budget.