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Maximizing Your Local Roofing Business’s Ad Performance: Key Metrics, Creative Strategies, and Compelling Offers

By June 16th, 2023No Comments


Are you struggling to drive down the cost of acquisition for your local roofing business? Have you tried different ads but still can’t find the one that delivers results? In this blog post, we will discuss key metrics you need to consider, creative strategies to make your ads more attention-grabbing, and how to create compelling offers that will make your target audience take action.

Key Metrics:

  1. Link Clickthrough Rate (CTR): This metric indicates how good your ad copy and offer are. A 1% link CTR is a good benchmark to aim for. A higher rate means people are clicking on the call to action (CTA) you provide, either through a hyperlink in the ad copy or a button.
  2. Clickthrough Rate All (CTR All): This metric is indicative of how compelling your creative is. A CTR All of 2% or more is a good goal. This number should be higher than your link CTR since it includes all clicks, such as on the image, links, and the CTA button.
  3. Conversion Rate (CR): This metric is a confirmation of how clear and appealing your offer is. Aim for a 10% conversion rate. A high CR means that people understand your offer and are taking action.

Creative Strategies:

  1. Use video: Grab the attention of your audience by using video content. A 1080×1080 video that shows the subject matter, such as a time-lapse of a roof being redone, can be compelling. The video can be 30 to 50 seconds long, just enough to grab their attention.
  2. Facebook Ads Library: Research successful ads from competitors using the Facebook Ads Library. Look for ads with high engagement and good metrics to get inspiration for your own ads.
  3. Hire professionals: If you’re unsure about your ad design, consider hiring a service like UpHex template design. They can provide you with a template that includes an offer, image, ad copy, and lead form for a reasonable price.

Compelling Offers:

  1. Understand your audience’s needs: In the roofing niche, people typically want an estimate or an inspection. Tailor your offer to meet these needs. If your client insists on offering only an inspection, consider explaining the benefits of including an estimate as part of the ad.
  2. Self-discovery offers: Create offers that allow your audience to discover something about themselves or their situation. For example, provide a 60-second evaluation or estimate for their roof. This type of offer is more likely to attract attention because it benefits the person taking the quiz or survey.
  3. Test drive offers: Another type of offer to consider is a test drive offer, where potential clients can try out a service or experience something related to your business before committing. This type of offer can also be attractive to potential customers.


By focusing on key metrics, implementing creative strategies, and crafting compelling offers, you can improve your ad performance and drive down the cost of acquisition for your local roofing business. Keep experimenting with different ad types and offers until you find the right combination that resonates with your target audience and delivers the results you desire.