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Optimizing Your Facebook Ads with UpHex: Lessons on Image Selection and Dynamic Creatives

By June 19th, 2023No Comments
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When it comes to running Facebook ad campaigns, there are several important factors that can impact the success of your ads. One of these factors is the images you use in your ads. By default, when you launch campaigns on UpHex, the platform will use the first four images that are uploaded. This means that these images will be published out onto Facebook, and your audience will see them in your ads.

However, it’s important to note that UpHex actually encourages users to upload more than four images. This is because the platform is currently working on an optimization engine that will automatically turn off underperforming ad creatives and load the next image in line. This means that if you have more than four images uploaded, UpHex will eventually start rotating through them to find the best performing ones.

So, what can you do if you want your clients to be able to select the images for their Facebook campaign? One option is to upload the images into the client library. This is a specific library where you can upload images, and your clients can then select which ones they want to use in their ads. This gives your clients more control over their campaigns and can help to ensure that they are happy with the images being used.

Dynamic creatives are a feature on Facebook that allows you to create ads that automatically show different combinations of images, videos, and text to different people. While this can be a powerful tool for e-commerce campaigns, it may not be the best option for local lead gen campaigns.

The reason for this is that dynamic creatives can make it harder to determine which images, ad copies, and other factors are working best for your campaign. You’re essentially trusting the Facebook algorithm to optimize your ads for you, which may not be ideal for local campaigns where you need to be nimble and make adjustments based on the data you’re seeing.

Ultimately, the lesson here is that the images you use in your Facebook ads are incredibly important, and you should take the time to select the best ones for your campaign. Uploading more than four images can give you more options and allow the platform to optimize your ads more effectively. And if you want to give your clients more control over their campaigns, you can upload images to the client library and let them select which ones to use. Just be aware that dynamic creatives may not always be the best option, especially for local campaigns where you need to be able to make adjustments quickly.