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This short video give a quick introduction into each tab inside UpHex.

Here’s an outline of the core UpHex features:

  1. The Clients Tab: This is where you find all of the connection  you have in UpHex.
    1. You can access their current campaigns, build Custom Audiences, upload custom images, and disconnect their account as well.
    2. You can also delete your campaigns from inside UpHex as well.
    3. You can see logs of campaigns that have been launched across your agency.
    4. And you can get a quick glance at the overall health status of your campaings.
  2. Template: These are where you source and create your Agency Ads Library.
    1. The template library is a swipe file hundres of ad campaigns for you to use across from dozens of local lead gen niches.
    2. Template tools is our sutie of Ai tools to help you expand and customize your Agencies ads.
    3. My Templates is where your Agencies Ad templates are stored. This is the only part of UpHex that appears to your end users though Go HighLevel.
    4. My Categories is where you organize your templates. 
  3. Metrics: This is where you find performance data.
    1. Customer Metrics is where you go to see all your customer performance in one tab. You can see total performance over any date range you select, expand client accounts to see all the active campaigns on an account, and expand the campaigns to see the individual ads with the campaigns. You can also refresh sluggish campaigns.
    2. Templates metrics tab aggregates performance based on template performance and sources it data from all teh accounts using it. It is macro data on total template performance.
    3. Ad metrics is where you can jump into the Ads on campaigns and identify underperforming ads and replace them with better creative.
  4. Settings: Basic admin funcitons.
    1. Account management is where you go to disconnect and reconnect UpHex connections.
    2. Preferences. This is where you find you Agency basic info, where you get your link needed to create your custom menu link in Go HighLevel, and see your current monthly plan.
    3. Signout… to signout.

Here are a list of Agency resources you may want to explore outside of this program:

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