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Mastering the Art of Closing High-Ticket Sales: A Conversation with Michael Dooley

By June 16th, 2023No Comments

Are you struggling to close high-ticket sales or finding it difficult to generate new clients? Michael Dooley, a successful entrepreneur in the automotive niche, shares his insights on how he closed 35 out of 41 sales calls in a single month. In this blog post, we dive deep into Michael’s journey, his agency’s model, sales strategies, and the principles he follows to achieve exceptional results.

Agency Model and Niche

Michael’s agency focuses on the automotive niche, leveraging his 15 years of experience in dealership land. He offers two packages: a low-ticket SaaS product with coaching and access to virtual assistance, and a high-ticket full done-for-you product. His agency’s success skyrocketed after incorporating Apex, which led to signing 42 new clients in January and 28 in February.

Pricing Model

The low-ticket offering is priced at $350 a month, with a $100 a month upsell. The high-ticket offering is fully done-for-you service with an upsell of appointment setting on the back end. Michael emphasizes the importance of customization and making the products your own to deliver the best value to clients.

Sales Process

Initially, Michael was the primary salesperson for his agency, but now he has a full-time sales consultant who was a former client for 18 months. This allows Michael to focus on the overall growth and direction of the business while maintaining an overview of each department.

Prospecting and Lead Generation

There is no magic sauce to Michael’s success in generating leads and closing deals. His approach is multifaceted, focusing on building his industry reputation, maintaining an active presence in industry Facebook groups, running ads, and nurturing strategic partnerships.

Here are the lead generation buckets that Michael utilizes:

  1. Organic: Michael posts on his personal profile five times a day between 4:00 AM and midday, ensuring a mix of content that builds trust, showcases expertise, and includes call-to-action posts.
  2. Facebook Groups: Michael actively engages in industry Facebook groups and has his own group with over 2000 members.
  3. Paid Ads: Ads serve as top-of-funnel lead generation, with database reactivation ads proving particularly effective.
  4. Referral Partners: Building strong relationships with sales trainers and other industry partners who can refer clients and even integrate their content into Michael’s SaaS products.

Key Takeaways

  1. Focus on a niche and leverage your expertise to offer unique, customized solutions to clients.
  2. Offer a mix of low-ticket and high-ticket packages to cater to different client needs.
  3. Develop a multifaceted lead generation strategy that includes organic, paid, and referral sources.
  4. Be consistent and strategic with your content, ensuring you cover expertise, trust-building, and call-to-action posts.
  5. Nurture strategic partnerships to expand your reach and create additional value for your clients.


Michael Dooley’s success in closing high-ticket sales and generating a steady stream of new clients can be attributed to his focused approach, industry expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional value. By adopting the key principles and lessons shared in this conversation, you too can excel in closing high-ticket sales and driving the growth of your business.